Hair Dye Unisex Dynamic Gel Hair Coloring Cream

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About the product:
Medium setting, natural matte, natural odor clear, so active and energetic levels increase short hair, messy shape,
clear lines and shapes, not greasy, easy to clean, even more light, hydrolysis ingredients make hair soft shape for
easy cleanup a variety of shapes, for special effects makeup and everyday use
Type: Hair Coloring cream
Color: Grey
Size: App 7 X 5cm (D*H)
Net Weight: 120g 
Packing Size: App 7.5 X 7.5 X 5.5cm (L*W*H)
1. Easy to use and clean, no residue and not greasy.
2. Medium setting, natural matte, natural odor clear.
3. Would not hurt hair, as long as the daub on the hair, color appear immediately.
4. Perfect for both men and women this is a safe temporary hair color anyone can use at home.
5. wash hair to remove the wax with shampoo as normal.
Package Includes:
1 X Hair coloured wax

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